Doors for masonry heaters

Doors for 
masonry heaters
Doors for 
masonry heaters

Metal door profile

Door profile made from high temperature resistant steel of 2,5mm thickness guarantees there are no deformations caused by high temperatures which are reached during burning process.

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Double glazing

Double glazing improves the insulating capabilities of the doors and decreases the amount of energy radiated through the doors into the living room.

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Easy control

The control elements are designed for precise and intuitive control of the fireplace insert.

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All models

GT 32/44

GT 37/50

GT 37/50 15a

GT 50/37

GT 63/51

GT 67/38

GT 70/40/38

GT2 37/50

GT2 63/51

GT2 50/35/45

GT2 51/51/51

GT2 70/40/38

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