Masonry heaters

Heating with wood as a return to your roots. Traditional or modern stoves can be created with a wide selection from the Hoxter portfolio.
Doors for masonry heaters, inserts and hot water heating inserts for masonry stoves are all available to you, it's just a matter of your needs and ideas.

Masonry heater with a self-built firebox

A purely traditional stove. The basis of the construction is an individually built firebox made of refractory materials and the portal for the stove is a top quality masonry heater door.

Masonry heater with insert

The robust Hoxter masonry heater inserts in combination with the accumulation draft guarantee long-term and trouble-free operation. The less frequent refill interval guarantees high thermal comfort even after the last refill.

Masonry heater with water heating insert

A large supply of hot water, an independent source of accumulated healthy radiant heat and a view of the fire all in one? A highly efficient and comprehensive heating system for large fuel batches will heat the whole house, while keeping maintenance as simple as possible.


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