A fireplace is a complex piece of craftsmanship. A properly chosen fireplace insert is its cornerstone.
Explore your options and choose a Hoxter fireplace that fits your project exactly.

Accumulation fireplace

The hot flue gases from the fireplace insert flow from the firebox into the connected accumulation mass. Healthy radiant heat is then slowly released from the fireplace/accumulation mass back into the room over many hours after the last attachment.

Hot air fireplace

The classic construction of a fireplace with ventilation grilles heats the room by the principle of convection. They are suitable for larger rooms. For greater efficiency and air distribution, some models can be fitted with a convection jacket.

Water heating fireplace

A fireplace insert in the form of a boiler. A hot-water fireplace heats the entire house and also heats domestic water in an exchanger for further use, independent of other energy sources.

Gas fireplace

Gas fireplaces as a full-fledged replacement for the classic wood-burning fireplace insert. Real fire in seconds at the touch of a button. Clean burning without ash, sparks or dust. Gas fireplaces use conventional natural gas or propane-butane as fuel and are 100% safe. An ideal design and functional addition to modern interiors.


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