Акумуляційні печі BLOX

печі BLOX
печі BLOX

Handles and air controls

Raw stainless steel or black teflon
treated stainless steel.

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Firebox lining

Next to standard light lining there
is also dark one available.

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Accumulation rings

Double-walled rings in direct contact with
the flue gas increase the accumulation capacity.

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Variable connection

Versatility in the form of selectable direction
of smoke extraction and external air supply.

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Healthy radiant heat

Stable output of 1.6kW for 12 hours.
No heat convection,
only healthy radiant heat.

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Heat accumulation in a closed casing

The increased quality of building technology requires heating technology to change along with it. Today‘s homes often have a well-insulated building envelope and require a different approach. Unlike massive heaters that quickly burn out and require constant refuelling, the BLOX compact accumulation stove comes with a different philosophy. The heat output is limited and is designed for better heat accumulation with fewer fuelling intervals. The basic modular stove body is made of exposed concrete with a clear view of the fire, using the reserve of the accumulation mass while maintaining a compact size. The stove stays warm for a long time after the fire has gone out. The design also prioritises quick assembly and quality of detail. Design and functionality come together in a symbiosis of simple form and high-quality stove craftsmanship.

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